Steel Fabrication Solutions for Commercial Properties in the North West

If you own a commercial property, you have an obligation to keep it safe, secure, and looking good for the benefit of your staff and any visitors to the premises. At Ivy Engineering, we can help you do just that, designing, constructing, and installing high-quality fabricated steel products from fences and gates to access barriers, security shutters, and so much more.

Common Concerns for Commercial Property Owners

We install fabricated steel hardware at commercial properties throughout the North West, so we understand the problems our clients face. These are some of the most common issues we come across:

Broken and Dangerous Exterior Furnishings

Exterior hardware, such as railings, barriers, and doorways, is exposed to the elements and may deteriorate over time. Not only does this cause them to look unsightly, it also makes them less effective for protecting your business, your staff, and your visitors. What’s more, should the metal break, it will often have sharp, jagged edges that could potentially cause a serious injury for which you would be liable.

Poor First Impressions

Whatever kind of business you run, your commercial property needs to look the part. However good you are at your job, first impressions are what count. If your metal railings, barriers, gates, and other exterior furnishings look run-down and shabby, that can affect how your business is perceived, both by your customers and your staff.

High Traffic Equals High Maintenance

We all want our businesses to be successful, but that often comes at a cost. If your commercial property experiences high levels of foot traffic, its external furnishings are likely to get worn down more rapidly. Are all your signs safe and secure? Are your car park totems in good order? Is all safety equipment, such as gates and barriers, fit for purpose? If not, then you are doing your brand a huge disservice.

Security Concerns

Industrial units, warehouses, and other remote commercial properties are easy targets for opportunistic thieves and vandals. If you don’t have on-site security staff, you’re relying on metal gates, shutters, grilles, and barriers to protect your property and assets. Unless you choose security components of the highest quality, you are at risk of break-ins and damage that can seriously affect your bottom line.

What we can do for you

In the years we have been in business, we have worked with hundreds of commercial properties across the North West. We have a reputation for excellence among our former and repeat customers, and, more importantly, we have the skills to back it up. These are just some of the ways we can help you.

An End-to-end External Furnishing Service

When you hire Ivy Engineering to tackle your exterior furniture needs, you don’t just get a great product. Our team works with you from the very start to deliver exceptional results every time. From car park barriers, safety railings, and signage support to security equipment, fences, and so much more, we handle the entire process. That includes designing the items, building them, and installing them on your commercial property.

The Right Look for Your Business

Ensure your commercial property looks the part with our high-quality, beautifully-designed steel-fabricated components. We apply long-lasting and attractive finishes that give your business the professional look it deserves. Let us match your furnishings to your company colours to deliver consistent and eye-catching branding.

Hard Wearing Exterior Furniture

Whether you’re a fast-food restaurant in need of a new barrier for your drive-through lane or an industrial site that welcomes dozens of visitors every week, we can help you make your commercial property look better for longer. All our steelwork is built to last, with a durable finish to protect it from deterioration and damage.

Solid Security

We use strong and durable materials to construct all our security hardware for commercial properties across the UK. From gates and railings to fences, security barriers, doors, and more, we have you covered. We have created and installed our products at Ministry of Defence bases and nuclear sites, so you know you can trust us to get the job done.

Get in touch

For steel fixtures and fittings you can rely on for your commercial property, contact Ivy Engineering today. Enquire online to arrange a site visit from one of our experienced engineers, or call us on 07883 636 404 for general advice or to discuss your requirements.