Steel Fabrication Solutions for Private Homeowners in the North West

Exterior steelwork can benefit almost any home. Whether you’re worried about security and need bespoke locks, grilles, and shutters, or you simply want a durable and attractive set of railings fitted at your property, Ivy Engineering is here to help. We work closely with you to design, produce, and install steel fixtures and fittings of the highest quality.

Common Concerns for Private Homeowners

We work with domestic customers across the North West region, delivering steel-fabricated furnishings that are built to last. We understand some of the issues our customers have when it comes to bespoke steelwork, and we are here to help. These are some of the most common problems our engineers come across:

Protecting Your Outdoor Possessions

With crime rates rising across the North West, it’s never been a better time to think about your security arrangements. Many of our customers come to us because they’re worried that someone will steal their car in the middle of the night, take expensive tools and equipment from their garden, or even break into their home. It’s a reasonable concern and one that you need to resolve for your own peace of mind.

Fences and Railings Looking Tired

Metal fences and railings are exposed to the elements day in and day out, and they do not last forever. If your metal fixtures are looking tired, with peeling paint and patches of rust, not only are they less secure, but they can actually devalue your house. Whether you’re planning to sell or rent your property or just want it to look its best, the quality of your steelwork can play a big part.

Ladders, Tools, and Garden Furniture Looking Untidy

If you store ladders at home for work or for DIY projects, it’s important that they are stored in a safe and secure manner. If you stack them against the wall or leave them laying around in the backyard or garden, not only are they a potential tripping hazard, they are also a tempting target for thieves. You need to be able to protect your tools, ladders, and garden furniture (along with the rest of your property), and we can show you how.

What we can do for you

Here at Ivy Engineering, we provide the same high standard of workmanship and customer service to our private customers as we do to our commercial clients. These are just some of the ways we can help you.

An Extra Layer Of Security

Protect your home and your family with our custom-built steel gates, railings, and security grilles. All exterior fixtures are designed from scratch by our in-house engineers based on your initial idea. These are then crafted and built at our Wigan facility to meet your exact specifications. Our hand-picked crew will even install them for you, ensuring a job well done every time you hire us.

Make Your Home Shine

Whether you’re selling a domestic property or simply upgrading the family home, Ivy Engineering has you covered. We can design, build, and install brand new railings, gates, and furnishings for your home’s exterior that are as attractive as they are effective. All our work is finished to a high standard, including a hard-wearing coating to protect it from the elements. Get rid of those rusty railings and replace them with a new design you can be proud of.

Tidy Up Your Outdoor Equipment

We offer several ways to keep your tools, equipment, and garden furniture safe from would-be thieves. Whether you prefer bespoke locks and brackets for your essential items or custom-built outdoor lockers, we have something for you. Even if you choose it for practical reasons, all our products are completed to the same high standard our customers have come to expect from us.

Get in touch

Give your home the high level of security and safety it deserves by contacting Ivy Engineering today. Enquire online to arrange a home visit from one of our experienced engineers, or call us on 07883 636 404 for general advice or to discuss your requirements.